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Not all hearing solutions need a prescription. At Hearing Australia, we’re offering a new way of providing hearing services and solutions. You can now browse and purchase ready-to-wear hearing solutions and have them delivered straight to your door.

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Find a ready-to-wear hearing solution in four easy steps. And if you need it along the way, our support team and audiologists are ready to help.

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Learning you have a hearing loss can be challenging - but you're not alone. One in six Australians have one, and the incidence increases as we get older with more than half the population aged over 60 living with a loss.

Recent innovations in ready-to-wear hearing technology mean that finding the right solution can now be quick and easy, and done at a time that's convenient to you. With our expert-backed range of solutions, there’s no need for referrals, appointments, or prescriptions.

At Hearing Australia, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We are proud to provide the highest standards of expert hearing health advice, flexible payment options and a 55-day money back guarantee. There's never been a better time to try something new.

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Use our new Online Hearing Check to check how you hear in real-world scenarios and receive recommendations on hearing solutions that could help.

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