Step 2: Connect your solution to your hearing app and try it on

In this step, we will guide you through connecting your solution to your mobile and the BeMore app and show you how to correctly put your hearing solution on.

Hearing Australia's supplier is GN Hearing, the owner of the BeMore app. Your information is safe when you download the BeMore app.

The BeMore app offers control and customization of your hearing solution settings directly from your mobile device, so you can adapt your hearing experience to match your sound environments. You can even receive hearing solution updates remotely without making a trip to the clinic. The app will guide you on all the things you can do and how to do it.

    1. Download the BeMore App

    The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play by following these steps. Once the app is downloaded, move on to pair your hearing solution with your smartphone.

    1. Go to the App Store
    2. Search for “GN Hearing BeMore”
    3. Tap on Get and then Install to start downloading the app
    4. Tap the BeMore app on your Home screen to start it up

    2. Pairing your hearing solution to your smartphone

    Before you can start using the app, you must pair your smartphone with your hearing solution. This is easily done – just follow the steps below (depending on whether you own an iPhone or Android smartphone.

    How to pair your hearing solution with your iPhone:

    1. Take off your hearing solution and reboot it. Ensure your solution is close to your mobile phone.
    2.  Turn on Bluetooth by going to the Settings menu on your iOS device. The slider turns green when you activate Bluetooth.
    3. Go back to the main Settings menu and then, tap on General.
    4. In the General menu, tap on Accessibility.
    5. Scroll down to MFi Hearing Devices.
    6. Turn your hearing solution on. Now, your iOS device will be able to detect your hearing solution.
    7. Tap on Pair.
    8. Go to your mobile home screen and open the BeMore app. Tap Get Started.
    9. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect to the app. You are now ready to go.

    How to pair your hearing solution with your Android smartphone:

    1. Turn your hearing solution off. Ensure your solution is close to your mobile phone.
    2. Go the Settings menu and check that Bluetooth is turned on. 
    3. Go to your mobile home screen and open the BeMore app. Tap Get Started.
    4. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect. You are now ready to go.


    3. How to put on your hearing solution correctly

    You're almost ready to start wearing your solution! Follow the steps below to ensure you correctly put your hearing solution on.

    Hang the hearing solution over the top of your ear. Remember, the red marking on your hearing solution is for the right ear, and the blue is for the left.
    Hold the receiver wire where it bends and gently place/push the receiver dome into your ear canal.
    Push the dome far enough into your ear canal so that the wire rests against your head. You can check in a mirror.


    If the dome on the device does not seem like a good fit for your ear you can change the dome size by following the steps below.

    NOTE: To avoid whistling, ensure that the wire and dome fit correctly into your ear. We will address more troubleshooting tips and tricks in Step 5 of this guide.

    CAUTION: Never attempt to modify the shape of the receiver wire yourself.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any support connecting your solution to the BeMore app or trying it on. We’re always happy to help! You can contact us via LiveChat, by pressing the button on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an inquiry here: Contact us

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