Step 1: Unboxing and assembling your Essential Plus - Completely in the Canal solution

Welcome to your setup guide! Complete your hearing solution setup by following five simple steps. You'll be wearing your solution and hearing the sounds you love again in no time!


1. What comes in the box?

In the box, you will have found the set-up guide pamphlet as well as:

  • Hearing solution (both the left and right)
  • Cleaning brush and wipe
  • Wax filter
  • Batteries
  • Warranty card
  • User guide

2. Getting to know your hearing solution

3. How to tell left from right

  • One device will be for your right ear and one for your left. You can tell the difference by the colour on the receiver portion of the device which fits into your ear.
  • The solution with a red marking is for your right ear.
  • The solution with a blue marking is for your left ear.

4. How to turn your solution on/off

When the hearing aid is not in use, open the battery door to turn it off

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