Step 4: Taking care of your battery powered hearing solution

Properly maintaining your hearing solution is vital for ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and a better overall listening experience. Follow the tips and tricks below:

1. Ensure you change your batteries when you hear low battery alerts

  • Your batteries will last around seven days depending how regularly you wearing your solution. 
  • When the batteries are low on power, your hearing solution will reduce the volume, and play a melody every 15 minutes, until they run out of power and turn off.
a. Low battery alerts
  • Your batteries will drain faster when you use wireless functions like streaming from your smart device or from your TV with our TV streamer. As the battery power declines, the wireless functions stop working. A short melody will play every five minutes to let you know that the battery power is low. The table below shows the functionality with different battery charge levels.

    2. Cleaning your hearing solution

    Keeping your hearing aids clean and dry will help them last longer and work better. Give them a daily wipe over with a dry cleaning cloth to remove any wax or dirt. You can also use the cleaning brush to gently brush across the microphone to remove any build up. It only takes a few moments and is simple!

    a. Changing the ear tip
    You will need to replace the tip regularly. Depending on wax build up, we recommend that this be replaced every 3 months. Replace sooner if you notice cracks or any changes to the tip
    • Remove the current tip from your hearing aid by pulling the piece off.
    • Plug on a new ear piece tip until secure.
    • Custom ear tips do not need to be changed. If you notice any cracks or changes to the custom tip, please contact your hearing centre to see if a new custom ear tip needs to be made

    b. Cleaning the thin tube

    • You can clean your thin tube using a special cleaning wire which will be available in your kit in the box your solution came in.
    • Remove the thin tube from the hearing aid by unscrewing it at the top (1) & (2).
    • Carefully insert the cleaning wire into the top of the tubing. You can push the cleaning wire all through the tube. Wipe away any wax built up, remove cleaning wire and re-attach the tube to hearing aid.

    3. Maintaining your hearing solution

    • Keep your hearing solution dry. Do not swim, shower or steam bathe while wearing your hearing solution.
    • Do not wear your hearing solution when putting on cosmetics, perfume, aftershave, hairspray etc. These might discolour your solution or get into the solution causing damage.
    • Keep your hearing solution away from excessive heat and intense direct sunlight. The heat may deform the shell, damage the electronics and deteriorate the surface. 

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any support or help with taking care of your solution. We’re always happy to help! You can contact us via LiveChat, by pressing the button on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an inquiry here: Contact us

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