Step 1: Unboxing and assembling your Select - Receiver in the Ear

Welcome to your setup guide! Complete your hearing solution set up by following five simple steps. You'll be wearing your solution and hearing the sounds you love again in no time!


1. What comes in the box?

In the box, you will have found the set-up guide pamphlet as well as:

  • Hearing solution (both the left and right)
  • Cleaning brush and wipe
  • Wax filter
  • Charger  
  • Warranty card
  • User guide

2. Getting to know your hearing solution


3. How to tell left from right

  • One device will be for your right ear and one for your left. You can tell the difference by the colour on the receiver portion of the device which fits into your ear.
  • The solution with a red marking is for your right ear.
  • The solution with a blue marking is for your left ear.

4. How to turn your solution on/off

Your solution is automatically turned on when removed from the charger and turns off when placed in the charger.

They can also be turned on and off manually by pressing the push button.

  1. Turn on, press button for 5 seconds.
  2. Turn off, press button for 5 seconds.

NOTE: When the hearing aid turns on, the LED lights up. When the hearing aid turns off, the LED flashes 3 times.

5. How to charge your rechargeable hearing solution

Your hearing solution will have full charge when it arrives. However, to continue connecting the solution to the app in the next step, you will be asked to place your solution on charge. To charge your solution, plug in your charger and place the devices in the charger as shown below.

Plug the power adaptor into a power outlet and connect the charging cable to the hearing aid charger.
 Place your hearing aid receivers into the charging bays.
The right hearing aid goes into the charging bay with the red colour coding.
The left hearing aid goes into the charging bay with the blue colour coding.
While the devices are charging the lights on your devices will blink. 
Once they are fully charged this like will become solid. Your devices will be fully charged within 3 hours.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any support with the instructions above as you begin to get to know your hearing solution. We’re always happy to help! You can contact us via LiveChat, by pressing the button on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an inquiry here: Contact us

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